Hillcrest Residents Associsation

Did you know that Hillcrest Resident Association has been running for 12 years by different volunteers? The main workforce has been Mr Barry Todman and Mr Terry Haswell and hardworking local residents that have come and gone, alongside us all our party Councillors.
What Hillcrest Resident Association has done for you neighbourhood over the years

• Constant road repairs throughout all seasons
• Roadway lining
• Repairing signs post
• Sunday bus
• Increased buses service to Coulsdon South
• New bus stops
• Bus shelter
• Seating though out the estate
• Refurbishing Corrigan Park children’s area
• Outdoor gym
• Seats in Corrigan Park
• Repairs to gutters and gullies on the road
• Liaising with SHP, Council, Police, Highways and byways
• The constant battle over the recycling bins
• Bump waste
• Grit bins in every road on the estate
• Arranging grit drop off area and delivering to elderly, disabled residents ready
• Re-Establishing no ball game signs
• Dog bin thought-out the estate
•  Running the Info Centre
• Help residents with issues concerning the homes and the estate
• Fun day events on the green though out the ten years we been running
• Working with Clockhouse Communication Association

Now we need your help Have you got any skill that are getting rust or want to learn new skills? We need more volunteers
• Treasurer
• Members to come to meetings
• Running the Info Centre
All these only take a couple of hours a month but if you want to put in more you can. This is your estate help us to continue keeping this the best in Sutton