Did you know that Clockhouse Residents Association has been established for more than 10 years? It consists of a voluntary group of dedicated people always looking to improve the local area for the residents of Clockhouse.

In the past they have:

• Reported and instigated road repairs
• Repaired sign posts
• Organised Sunday bus outings to the coast
• Helped to increase buses services to Coulsdon South
• Helped to lobby for new bus stops
• Secured additional money for Corrigan Rec children’s playground
• Ensured repairs to gutters and gullies on the road
• Liaised with SHP, LBS, Police, Highways and byways agencies
• Arranged grit drop offs and deliveries to elderly, disabled residents
• Helped to staff the Info Centre
• Helped residents with issues concerning the homes and the estate
• Worked with Clockhouse Community Association to run Hillcrest Halls.

Now they need your help. Have you got any skill that are getting rusty or do you want to learn new skills? They need more volunteers!

As little as a couple of hours a month can help to keep Clockhouse a nice place to live. This is your area. Help the Resident’s Association to continue keeping it the best in Sutton.

Contact Terry Haswell on -TBC-